Following are some of the written recommendations Body By Shai has received from clients and supporters:

“I am happy to Like this site Shai. Regular physical exercise that significantly increases cardiovascular fitness is important for every living soul on the planet – and it remains important whatever your age. Men as they get older are particularly prone to the metabolic syndrome – increased BMI and central obesity are the obvious signs of this syndrome that leads to increased risk of type 2 diabetes, hyperlipidaemia, hypertension, then heart attack, stroke, renal failure, early dementia and frailty in old age. Personal trainers such as youself are important motivators that help us to achieve worthwhile physical goals/targets and we ALL need motivation. Of course its also great if it improves your physical beauty, self confidence, and opportunities for social interaction. I like to think that if you are physically fit with a BMI within the ” normal ” range then that signals good health. The various aspects of your physiology are in balance and it shows! Obviously not smoking, having a healthy diet, avoiding too much alcohol and party drugs , stimulating your brain and generally promoting happiness and gentleness to others are part of getting to this balance also. You are awesome and what you do is really important!”       Dr David Orth, received September 2013.

“Looking forward to a year of ‘kick arse results’ from Body By Shai. You sure do make working out a pleasure, thanks always for the motivation!”

Artie Rocke, The Biggest Loser, Series Two (2) Contestant

“I approached Body By Shai Personal Training after having tried every diet under the sun and had been training on and off for years with a number of different companies and trainers. Through Shai’s dedication and personal approach I saw the fat falling off almost straight away.  In just 3 short months I had dropped a number of sizes and I am looking forward to keeping it off! Shai adopts an all-round approach focusing on nutrition and training. I am looking forward to continue to work with him to continue to drop that unwanted fat and continue to tone up. Shai worked with me to set realistic goals and I love smashing them! Thank you Shai!” Jeff I, received May 2013

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