#BBSPT Corporate Fitness

corporate-personal-trainer-debbie-messmerA HEALTHIER AND WEALTHIER COMPANY

Its not rocket science to know the correlation between the fitness industry and the company’s bottom line. But did you know to what extent? Well, we are talking for every $1 a company spends on fitness, it receives back $3.15…. What a return!!

There will be increased business productivity with your business because at ‘#BBSPT Corporate Fitness”, we not only challenge employees physically but mentally. Throughout the course, we will refine motor skills, increase mental clarity. Staff will take fewer days off due to sickness and learn to solve problems as a team.

‘#BBSPT Corporate Fitness,’ is unlike most corporate personal training companies. We focus on the fun side of training all the while educating staff in healthier choices. Combine the increase in staff morale and better profit means #BBSPT Corporate Fitness will be there to increase the value of your company and staff core values, whilst setting a great example for your team at the same time!


(Negotiated Packages Include…)

  • location and time to train your staff completely negotiable and changeable
  • max. 20 clients/trainer at one time for more attention
  • ten weeks (10) of personal training (once a week at a time pre-determined space and time).
  • ‘the dob in system’ – a fun and accountable way to make sure staff stay focused on eating right.
  • 1 x food fact seminar ( things to look out for when buying food at the supermarket, also de-mything and changing the way you think about eating healthy and the effects of alcohol and sugar on the body while training.
  • If your staff and crew have questions about their training and food, we will respond with-in 2 days.

Jump on board this exciting opportunity to not only get healthy, but to make your company a STAND OUT company


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