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Join Shai Lewis this week (Wednesday 05 February 2014) on Queer Radio for the special fortnightly fitness segment, Shai Gets Physical.

This week Shai will be discussing the taboo topic of Twiggy Legs…

It’s the funniest sight in the world… A beautiful looking guy, muscles rippling, over developed traps and shoulders, great six pack, huge chest and OMG amazing looking biceps and then….. Twiggy Legs! Another personal trainer friend of mine calls them ‘Lucky Legs’ , lucky they don’t snap off!

But there are legitimate reasons for training legs besides the obvious of making sure your body stays in proportion. Did you know that if you just train your legs the rest of your body will still grow a little – even without exercise?

When we train legs (and I’m trying to write this without sounding sexual), there is constant movement really close to the testes which is where guys produce the hormone testosterone…. The stuff in steroids that make guys grow huge.

So when we neglect our leg training (and yes I have been guilty of this in the past but not anymore!) we are missing out on that amazing boost to our achieving our body goals.

Change the way you think about your leg training! The next time you are confronted with making the decision of taking the easy option of the upper body training session, think also about the help to the rest of your training by adding what is effectively half your body!!

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